Promoting Quality Orthodontic Care For The Family

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Promoting Quality Orthodontic Care For The Family

One’s personality is not just attributed to intelligence, height, weight and skin complexion but also with the quality of teeth they keep. If we were to always believe in the saying that the ” hair is man’s crowning glory “, then what could it be with one’s teeth?

Today, the quality of proper dental care, specifically in orthodontics, has become an integral part of clean, healthy living. Different members of the family are more conscious of their oral hygiene and dental care.

With the continuing scientific innovations on dental care being practiced worldwide, many Filipinos now realize the importance of quality orthodontists that practice this special field in dentistry. And through the establishment of the Association of Philippine Orthodontists, it has taken the lead in disseminating to the general public the importance of knowing the profile of an orthodontist.

Back in 1970, Drs. Vicente R. Siojo and Luz Macapanpan gathered all formally-trained orthodontic practitioners in Metro Manila into a group, which would serve as a professional forum for the upliftment of the practice of orthodontics in the Philippines. In February 1. 1971, The Orthodontic Study Club was formed with qualified orthodontic practitioners to exchange ideas, discuss and consult cases, standardize fees and evaluate the relevance of orthodontic practice in our country.

Because of the increasing demand for orthodontic treatment, as well as the growing number of general dental practitioners performing corrective orthodontics, the members decided to formally establish an association to embody its ideals. Thus, in March 1979, the Association of Philippine Orthodontists was formed.

The APO promotes the continuing study of orthodontics by its members through its National Orthodontic Congress and its bi-monthly meetings wherein it discusses new philosophies in treatment planning or technological advances in the field of orthodontics.

For the education sector, the APO has affiliations with the Board of Dentistry and with the deans of various dental colleges in setting up theappropriate courses of study in undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate orthodontics.

For continuing the awareness campaign in understanding the value of dentistry and orthodontics, the APO is linked with the Philippine Dental Association and its chapters and affiliates; medical and para-medical organizations; boards of dental specialties; civic and government associations.

To safeguard the well-being of the orthodontic patient, the APO and the Philippine Board of Orthodontics help manage, control and conduct examinations for testing the qualifications of orthodontists practicing in the Philippines; and confer certificates upon those who meet the requirements of the Board.

Today, the Association of Philippine Orthodontists has grown to include close to 140 responsible and dynamic orthodontic practitioners. Presently, the APO is affiliated with the World Federation of Orthodontists and aims to eventually get the recognition of Philippine orthodontics in the councils of international orthodontic organizations.

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